We have been operating since 2009 and currently run classes for over 30,000 children to date at 17 different locations.

SportyBeans is a reputable multi-sport program for preschoolers and young children. We have been operating since 2009 and currently run classes for over 30,000 children to date at 17 different locations. Our researched-based programs teach preschoolers onwards the fundamentals of 10 different sports (Soccer, Baseball, Badminton, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Rugby and Tennis) in a social, non-competitive, team-based environment.

The launch of SportyBeans Malaysia in January 2016 is aimed towards creating generations of Malaysian children with a life-long sporting culture. We believe that an early introduction to sports leads to character building and personal development. Watch your child’s self-confidence and leadership flourish via the holistic programs delivered by enthusiastic Beanstructors!

Our Key Learning Areas


Gross motor development








Develop cognitive abilities

Our promise to you

To provide a safe, friendly and healthy environment for children to develop early sporting skills

Our promise to each child

Character building through sports; to develop confidence, concentration and sportsmanship at an early age

Our promise to the community

To encourage friendship, teamwork and understanding amidst diversity

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of a typical SportyBeans class?

A typical class consists of attendance, warm-ups, agility training, water break, skill development, application of skills through interactive games and cool down.

What safety measures/precautions are implemented into the program?

The Beanstructor to student ratio is 1:5 for Mighty Beans and 1:8 for Mega Beans. Beanstructors are required to participate in workshops that address safety procedures and child handling. Your child’s safety is our key priority.

How does SportyBeans assess children?

Beanstructors provide written evaluations on each child’s progress at the end of each term, highlighting the strengths and preferences of each child. Parents are also welcome to discuss their child’s progress with our Beanstructors on a regular basis.

My child is 3 years old, can he join the Mighty Beans program?
Kudos to you for giving your child a head start! However, we will evaluate each child on a case-by-case basis to ensure he/she is ready for the program. Contact us to find out more.
If I re-enrol next term, will there be different activities?

The SportyBeans methodology is based on challenging the individual skill levels of children. Children require repetition to master a specific skill. Therefore, although the activities/games keep changing each term, the fundamental skills remain the same. Professional athletes follow a similar training pattern; they refine, rehearse and repeat continuously.

Who are Beanstructors?

Fun-loving, enthusiastic adults with experiences in Fitness and/or experiences working with children. All instructors undergo ongoing training in SportyBeans methodology and protocols.

What is the parent participation day?

Once a term, parents are invited to see their children’s progress in the program. It is an opportunity for parents to grasp a clearer understanding of our methodology and see their children in action!

Can I bring my child for a trial session?

Bearing in mind that it is often difficult to base a child’s response, interest and participation based on one trial class, trial classes are not offered at SportyBeans. Parents are encouraged to watch a session in progress if their child has never been in the program before. Parents should use this to determine that SportyBeans provides a safe and fun filled environment for their child to learn valuable life skills. This is an excellent way for parents to see the program and learn about games and activities taught in the class.

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